10 crazy, thrill seeking activities around the world to add to your bucket list

If you suffer from serious itchy feet and are constantly looking for the next heart racing, adrenaline fuelled adventure then this list of ultimate thrill seeking activities will ensure you have the trip of a lifetime, and the stories to go with it! The question is – do you dare..?

1. The Rickshaw Run - India

The most exciting (and unpredictable) way to see India is surely on the rickshaw run! Travel 3.500km across the country with your friends in a rickshaw to raise money for charity and soak up the fascinating culture in a whole new way!

2. Volcano boarding - Nicaragua

If you love snowboarding and like to shake things up a bit then this ones for you! Cerra Negro (black hill) is an active volcano in Nicaragua that you can hurtle down the side of on a small piece of wood at 30mph!

3. Tianmen Shan Cable Car - China

Taking a ride in a cable car might not seem like an adventure sport but the Tianmen Shan cable car in China is not for the faint hearted! Translated in to ‘Heaven’s Gate Mountain’ this journey takes you a whooping 7,455 meters into the mountains!

4. Gorge Swing - South Africa

Situated at the top of Lehrs Falls, this is the highest swing in the world. After abseiling up a 100m high waterfall you jump (or fall!) off the side into the depth of the gorge.

5. Yak skiing - Manali, India

In this crazy and unusual sport you are tied to the back of a Yak on your skis whilst Pony nuts are shaken in a bucket at the bottom of the mountain, enticing the gigantic animal down the slopes with you hurtling behind!

6. Tree climbing - Amazon Jungle

If you loved climbing trees as a kid then you’ll love this! Along with an experienced guide you use a samaúma or angelim to work your way to the top of the enormous trees. This can be very physically challenging but its worth it for a view and experience you will never forget!

7. Worlds Highest Bungee Jump - China

Plunge from a platform 233m high at the Macua Tower to really feel the wind through your hair!

8. Mountain Bike Death Road - Bolivia

Considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world, cars are no longer allowed access on North Yungas Road, however it has become one of Bolivia’s most popular tourist attractions for daredevil cyclists!

9. Cage of Death - Australia

At Crocosaurus Cove in Australia you can experience 15 minutes underwater with these amazing creatures, with just a piece of glass between you!

10. Walk of Faith - Tianmen Mountain, China

This nerve racking walk winds around the side of the Tianmen mountain national forest park at 1,430m high!

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