Community Construction in Laos: The Journey so far!

An insight into my ongoing construction and renovation volunteer project in Laos! The project is 7 weeks down with 6 weeks remaining and our progress so far makes me beam with pride. I have been in Laos, contributing to the “Community Construction” program, for seven weeks. I still have six more weeks but, so far, it’s one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Contributing to sustainability through community renovation has always been an interest of mine however until now I have never had the opportunity to be a part of it. The immeasurable sense of achievement felt from being a part of something so beneficial to those less fortunate than yourself is indescribable.

Construction and Renovation in Laos

The accommodation is a very beautiful and peaceful place. Located on both sides of a pond in which we can go swimming and fishing, it’s a place to relax, to meditate but also to spend good times with other participants and locals. I find residing here after a day working on the project perfect for reenergising and preparing myself for the following day.

From the moment I arrived, the place has felt like home mainly because of the other likeminded participants and warm and welcoming project staff. They have been and still are incredible since my arrival. Spending good times, talking about Lao culture, helping in our program, having fun… They are always there for us.

“Undisputedly the work is tough under the roaring sun however the atmosphere on site is fun and relaxed and the days pass quickly.”

The current mission in my program is the construction of the Sengsay school wall in order to make it a safer place. Thanks to this experience, I have learned a bunch of new skills! As part of my project induction I was given a tool kit and a masterclass in the basics of building including an insight into local and traditional techniques.

Working alongside us are two experienced builders, Ticky and Kham, who are always there to guide us and observe our work.

On an evening, me and the other participants enjoy unwinding, chatting over a bottle of Beerlao and playing cards. On weekends we put our free time to good use and travel o see as much of the country as possible. We went to Vientiane, the capital, where we visited wonderful temples and walked across the morning and night market.

We also went to Vangvieng where we had fun hiking, tubing, caving and chilling in blue lagoon! Immersing myself in the culture of the area has been both educational and amazing! I look forward to continuing with the project and finishing what we came out here to do.

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