10 interesting things you didn’t know about Argentina

All countries will have there interesting facts right? Well here are a few from Argentina that might just surprise you and may even get you excited enough to visit this fantastic South American country.

1. Although animation tends to be associated with Walt Disney the first animated feature film was actually created in Argentina by Quirino Cristiani in 1917. The film, El Apóstol which was constructed using cardboard cut outs, consisted of 58,000 frames and ran for 70 minutes. This film supposedly inspired Walt Disney after he visited Cristiani’s studio in Buenos Aires.

Finger Print

2. Argentina was the first country in the world to use fingerprints as a form of evidence. In 1982 Francisca Rojas’s two children were found stabbed to death in their rural home in the Province of Buenos Aires. She denied murder, instead blaming the terrible crime on her neighbour. However, after more investigation the detective found a bloody fingerprint at the scene of the crime which he removed and brought in for investigation. Roja’s became the first person in the world to be found guilty through fingerprint evidence.

3. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. Although this is in fierce competition with Puerto Williams in Chile, who both use the slogan as a tourist attraction for their towns!

4. Due to diverse landscapes and extreme temperatures, Argentina sets records for it’s exotic array of wildlife and natural wonders such as the amazing Iguazu Falls. On the border of Brazil and Argentina Iguazu Falls are some of the worlds most impressive waterfalls in the world, made up of 275 cascades of water and reaching up to heights of 80 metres!

5. Che Guevara was actually born in Rosario, Argentina and not in Cuba as many people tend to believe. After growing up in Argentina Guevara trained as a medical doctor at Buenos Aires university before travelling throughout Latin America. The poverty and inequality that he witnessed inspired him to become a scholar of Marxism and key figure in the Cuban revolution.

6. Argentinian’s celebrate ‘Friends Day’. In the early 1970s, an Argentinian scholar founded Dia del Amigo after he felt a unity with everyone on Earth after Apollo 11 landed on the moon. The celebrations, held on 20th July are so popular that it is not unusual for mobile phone networks to break down due to high levels of use!

7. Although football is without a doubt Argentina’s favourite sport, it is actually a game called Pato that is the country’s official sport. The game is played on horseback and combines elements of both polo and basketball and accounts of the game have been recorded as far back as 1610. Pato literally translates to ‘duck game’ as early games involved using a live duck inside a basket instead of a ball!

8. Many adults and children across Argentina travel home after lunch each day for a siesta, which can sometimes last for up to 3/4 hours. During siestas many businesses and schools close down, and everyone in the country relaxes. However, many businesses and offices in Buenos Aires have adopted more conventional working hours due to greater efficiency.

9. The oldest dinosaur species ever to be identified was traced back to Argentina, resulting in many Palaeontologists flocking to Argentina each year to participate in archaeological digs to search for more clues about this rare dinosaur and others.

10. Argentina has the highest amount of psychiatrists per person in the world, and it is not unusual for families to regularly visit psychiatrists together. There is even an area in Buenos Aires nicknamed Villa Freud due to the high numbers of psychiatrist offices.

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