South Pacific

Widely regarded as a backpacking hotspot, the possibilities are endless in this astonishing part of the world. Whether you are trekking across the vast Australian Outback or, plunging into new wonders in the Great Barrier Reef, there is surely something for everyone Down Under.

The Islands of the Pacific are dotted throughout the region and are united by the sound of the ocean. If you’re looking for the perfect beach you’ll be spoiled for choice. The Pacific is not just about relaxing on palm-fringed white-sand beaches, you’ll also discover awesome coastlines made for long walks marvelling at the vast Pacific Ocean.

Australia is teeming with inquisitive and intriguing wildlife, which you’ll connect with on a level that is normally only possible with the calming voice of David Attenborough. Australia’s biggest draw is its nature, then its landscape. You can hike through jungle to swim under a waterfall in Fiji; swim with whale sharks in West Australia or be awed by snow-capped mountains and deep fiords of New Zealand. Furthermore, the friendly nature of the Maori tribe sets the tone for the hospitable nature of the region, and is surely something not to be missed!

Multi-Sports Coaching Project in Fiji, Suva

Take part in this incredible sports coaching project in the paradise South Pacific island of Fiji and discover not only a truly unique sports experience, but ...
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