5 things you will learn on a Career Break

There are many things you will benefit from a break in your career and before taking the plunge it may seem daunting to comprehend the positives this will have on your life. It will shape your character more than you know and your comfort zone bubble will be popped on many occasions; but this is a good thing! Our 5 things you will learn on your career break will help you realise that this might be the most positive decision you ever made.


1. To step out of your comfort zone with a career break

It can be easy to slip into the same old way of life, meeting up with the same friends, hanging out at the same places and eating the same food. Sure this feels comfortable, but is it fulfilling? Definitely not! Breaking away from the norm that is work/personal life can be difficult but there’s nothing more inspiring than bursting your comfort zone bubble!

Travelling the world throws crazy and sometimes scary situations at you but once you learn to embrace each amazing and unexpected opportunity that waits around the corner your life will never be the same again and you will certainly not settle for ‘comfortable’ in the future!

2. Not to take things for granted

Do you have a roof over your head, food on the table and access to an education? Well you are one of the lucky ones! Sometimes we can forgot just how easy we’ve got it and until we open our eyes to the suffering and poverty of many around the world, it can be hard to put things into perspective back at home.

Don’t live in ignorance, educate yourself to other cultures, communities and ways of life to get a grasp on your own. Quite simply dedicating your time and effort to individuals plights throughout the world can make a world of difference.

3. There’s more to life than…

Shoes, cars, beer… or whatever it is that consumes your thoughts (and your wages) at home. You will soon realise that once in a lifetime memories, crazy stories and new friends are what it’s all about. You’ll find this is worth a lot more than material belongings!

These material belongings come and go, as does money but memories are instilled in your sub conscious and travelling to a far off, distant destination at the other side of the world has already created a memory that you won’t forget anytime soon. Learn from others around the world, material possessions are not the be all and end all when it comes to happiness.

4. How to make friends in just about any situation

There’s nothing quite like meeting new and interesting people from around the world everyday, whether it’s sharing a room at a hostel, on a jungle trek or during a volunteer placement these are the people that you will create strong bonds and lifelong memories with!

Although it can be daunting approaching new people to start with, you soon realise that everyone is in the same boat and making new friends from around the world is one of the best bits of the adventure.

5. What you are good at?

There are many ways to continue your education overseas and there is plenty more to a career break than sunbathing by the pool and checking out the bars (although everyone needs to kick back and relax sometimes right?!).

You could learn a new language, a practical skill or gain a qualification that will dramatically help your future job prospects. With far more perspective and without the constraints and limitations holding you back at home you will learn what it is you actually enjoy and maybe even what you want to do in life.

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