You will surely never be at a loss as to what to do in Europe, as there is a gluttony of attractions and culture to take in. Whether you are admiring the Renaissance art of Florence, visiting the birthplace of democracy in Athens, taking in the Napoleonic magnificence of Paris, paddling along the graceful canals of Venice or experiencing the rich historical and cultural canvas of London, there is guaranteed to be something for you.

Once you’ve visited all the great museums, panoramic views and taken part in the energetic nightlife, you’ll be wanting a bite to eat. So why not try souvlaki in Santorini, have a pizza in Naples or some haggis in Scotland. If they don’t take your fancy, don’t worry, the Netherlands offers Indonesian rijsttafel (rice table) and Britain has some of the Worlds best Indian restaurants. Europe’s diversity and global appeal is surely unrivalled in this department.

Finally, once you’ve experienced the sights of the great cities and tasted the world renowned local cuisine, you need to explore the countryside and its wonders. There’s breath-taking natural scenery: Norway’s fabulous fjords, on a scale that is hard to comprehend; rugged Scottish Highlands with glens and lochs; Cappadocia’s fairy-tale landscape and the vine-raked valleys of the Loire. If you’re looking for beaches, a quick trip to the Mediterranean’s northern coast has everything yo could ask for. Or explore lesser known, yet picturesque coastal regions such as the Baltic and Black Seas. If hiking is your thing then head to the Alps: they cover much of central Europe taking in France, Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy and tiny Liechtenstein. Get your selfie sticks ready!

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