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7 days

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Quick Facts


Republic of Indonesia


261 million




Indonesian (official)


Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Time Zone

UTC +8

Flag Indonesia


Temperatures are pleasant, varying from 20-33 degrees Celsius year-round. The monsoon season strikes in November and makes its way until march, bringing in humidity and a significant amount of rain. However, this usually does not stop people from visiting as the rain usually begins in the late afternoons and evenings, meaning the daytime remains sun-filled. From June to September, weather is dry and there is not too much humidity in the air.


Indonesia is a haven for customs and this can be seen in every corner of the islands. A good example of this are the small offerings containing flowers, rice and even cigarettes (sesajen) found in every house, restaurants, stall and even at the check-in desks at airports. The offerings are set with burning incense sticks and sprinkled with holy water three times a day before every meal.

There are roughly 20,000 temples spread around the Bali island and, because the Balinese are masters of sculpture, the temples are guarded with statues of gods and goddesses.

Keep, in mind, however, that the Hinduism you will see in Bali is often different than the one seen in India, for example.


The food in Bali is very different than that of the rest of Indonesia due to ingredients such as pork (not eaten by the rest of Indonesia’s large Muslim population). Notable dishes include Babi guling, a ceremonial dish, which is roast suckling pig served with rice, Bebek betutu, duck topped with herbs and roasted banana leaves, Lawal, a range of Balinese salads, usually served with chopped vegetables, meat, coconut and spices, and Uruatan, spicy sausages.


By Bus
Perama buses is the most famous company that will transport you around Bali and other parts of Indonesia. Another popular company is Trans Sarbagita, which are comfortable and air conditioned and stop on bus stops on road curbs. We highly recommend booking at least one day in advance to make sure there is a seat for you. Moreover, there are shuttle buses (called “Bemos”) between Bali’s most popular destinations.

By Taxi
Taxis are a common way to get around. Blue Bird/Bali Taksi are regarded as one of the most reliable companies. Taxis are metered and the drivers are often able to speak good enough English to understand you. They also have waiting service, which means they will wait for you while you go sightseeing and take you back home (for an extra charge, of course), if you wish to.

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