Lord of the Rings – Metal Detecting in Australia

Justin Millman from Australia talks to us about his interesting new Lost Treasure business.

I’m currently working in a few different jobs but looking to expand my new business to the point I can do it full time. My business involves a metal detecting recovery service and fossicking/metal detector sales. Information about the business can be found at www.losttreasures.com.au.

Before taking this career change, I was working in a few different jobs, retail, customer service and IT.

None of the jobs fulfilled me at all. I was simply doing them to pay the bills. I was never excited about going to work, or what I was doing. I was tired of taking orders from people far younger and less experienced/educated than I was. As this continued the drive to work for myself increased, to live by my rules and to finally do something I enjoyed and could be proud of.

Justin Millman and Lost Treasure
Justin Millman and Lost Treasure

What steps did you take to make the change and why?

While I was working in jobs I had little interest in, I continually had these nagging thoughts about what else I could do. I worked out that if I could turn a hobby into a business that I could finally have the dream of working in a field I loved and was passionate about. So that is what I slowly did. I set up a website and thought I’d test the waters to see if there was any interest or demand as my service was unique. I started marketing myself through the search engines and tried to get media attention by emailing newspapers plus a few other things. It slowly paid off. Soon I was getting a few calls a week, newspapers, radio and TV also became interested in my story and unique services. I then started getting calls for retail related items that I currently didn’t sell. I got so many calls I decided to contact a supplier and start selling metal detectors and fossicking equipment which has been going from strength to strength. I was finally doing something I cared about and loved. The final step is to now take this full time!

What impact did the changes you made have on your life and career?

Well I finally wake up in the mornings and look forward to the work ahead of me. I enjoy the sense of creating something of my own and watching it grow. I now have a clear direction and feel I’ve finally stopped treading water. I now look forward to the future of my business and not just getting through the day.

Justin Millman and Lost Treasure
Justin Millman and Lost Treasure

What is the one piece of advice you would give to anybody wanting to take a career break or change?

Do it. Life is too short to waste 40 hours a week doing something you don’t enjoy. Why look back and regret all the wasted years where you could have been doing something engaging or interesting and something you can be truly passionate about. It doesn’t have to be overnight, but set some goals and strive! You only live once.

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