10 interesting things you didn’t know about India

Full of magical moments, India is a fascinating country in more ways than one, from sacred animals to extreme record breaking challenges, it’s a country you are bound to fall in love with. Put India in your career break plan and you won’t be disappointed. Check out our list of interesting India facts to get you started.

1. Elephants are painted in bright colours and draped in extravagant materials to celebrate Jaipur festival as they are believed to be sacred and majestic in Indian culture.

2. Bollywood is the worlds largest film industry with more than 1,100 movies produced on average each year. This is twice as many as the American film industry and nearly 10 times as many as the UK produces!

3. It is illegal to take India’s currency, the Rupee out of the country.

4. Indira Gandhi was India’s first and only female Prime Minister.

5. Cherrapunji is the wettest spot on earth. It receives at least 425 inches of rain every year, which is over 5 times more than the tropical rain forests of South America!

6. The people of India are obsessed with breaking world records and rank third behind the USA and UK for records broken each year! Some of these are particularly interesting, including the largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi and the longest time spent doing yoga on a horses back!

7. Indian cuisine is thought to be the oldest continuously prepared cuisine known in human history.

8. The Sari dates back to at least 100BC.

9. The first university was said to have been started in Takshila in 700 B.C. where thousands of students from all over the worlds studied a variety of subjects.

10. Drinking alcohol is banned in 5 Indian states and the drinking age even reaches 30 in some of the others.

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