Asanja Moru

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Asanja Moru family_tent

Tucked away in a sea of grass, amidst Rocky Islands known as the Moru Kopjes, Asanja Moru is an exotic, luxury-tented camp that the transports one to the bygone era where the Maasai once ruled the wide-open plains of the Serengeti. Located in the southern central of Serengeti, on the path of the migration, which is one of the ten natural wonders of the world. The Kopjes rising from the plains provide ample shade for the prides of lion that spend most of the day lazing about. Due to the presence of water, this is a good area of game viewing through out the year. The Masai also left their mark in the Serengeti in the form of Rock Art, which can still be seen at the Masai Kopjes. With 7 luxury guest tents & 1 family tent, our camp is very exclusive, providing you with exemplary service. Each tent represents a special Maasai Ceremony and has a story to tell.

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