Ivory Lodge

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Ivory Lodge Hwange Zimbabwe Zebra Close to Lodge

A small intimate lodge featuring 7 luxurious tree houses and 2 Presidential Elephant Suites set on elevated platforms amongst the indigenous flora of Hwange Game Park. Deep in the mystical teak forests of Hwange is this unobtrusive camp, bathed in the tales of pioneering hunters and explorers such as Fredrick Courtney Selous. Lumbering giants drift around your stilted platforms , their tusks glinting in salute to the sanctuary of shade offered up by these massive trees. This is Ivory Lodge, a place of elephants. It is here that great herds of elephants are found, sometimes over 100 strong. Hwange is renowned for its huge Elephants, big old bulls with magnificent tusks. It is also here that the famous Presidential Herd drinks, these elephants’ home-range is amongst the dense feeding areas of the Sikumi Vlei and where they find refuge from the scorching heat at Ivory’s water hole.

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