Mdonya Old River Camp

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Mdonya Old River Camp Main Tent at night

Ruaha national park is the biggest and wildest national park in Tanzania. And we want you to get lost in it! We want you to feel the real wilderness, far from everybody else, with only wild animals as our companions. Nothing can make you understand you are an animal yourself more then the roar of a lion next to your ear! When we understand we are animals ourselves, we shall surely become aware of the importance of their protection and conservation. In a way, a stay at Mdonya Old River Camp, is a journey to meet our very ancient roots, a time when we were actually part of the bush ourselves, in harmony and equal to all other creatures. You will fly to the heart of Tanzania, in the center of the country, to a plateau located a thousand meters high at the footstep of the Rift valley. That is where the Mdonya Old River is. Even though we are animals, we do like to have all our comforts but be extremely light footed.

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