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Arrival:El Dorado International Airport (BOG)
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Colombia is a nation full of excitement, wonder, and adventure. There is so much to do and it is a nation full of diversity whether that be in its wildlife or the range of activities it has to offer. This trip will take you on hot-air balloons and flights over breathtaking scenery, snowy peaks and ancient landmarks, on walking tours of old towns, and on some of the most unique experiences in the world. All the while, you will stay in luxurious hotels with all the modern amenities for you to have a comfortable, special stay.

Example Itinerary

(B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner

A warm welcome to Colombia!

After arriving in the airport, a representative will meet you and provide you with a welcome kit and provide you with a private transfer to your hotel.

The Biggest Paramo on Earth – Sumapaz

The following morning head out after breakfast to explore Bogota. Have you ever heard about the best-kept secret of Bogotá “El Dorado”?. This is the jewel of the crown. Welcome to the biggest Páramo in the world: Sumapaz, the heaven’s door. If you want to knock at its door, this is the place. This adventure is about the importance of water, wild animals, endemic plants, mountains and about where the oldest guerrilla FARC was born ideologically.

So what is exactly a Paramo? People describe it as a moorland, wetland or high plateau. Certainly, it’s all of it. Besides, it is an unique kind of ecosystem only found in Colombia, Perú, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. You are invited to hike 6 kilometers through its endemic vegetation at 3.600mts high above the sea level. You will get to know the best of rural Bogotá, you will have the opportunity to try a typical lunch in addition to some fruits.

This is a responsible and conscious tour where you will support local families living in rural Bogotá, who are guardians and protectors for many decades of this fragile ecosystem. Ecotourism has become an interesting option to generate income and new dynamics, instead of agricultural activities that affect the ecosystem.

Music Trip around Colombia

Today you will meet Pedro Crump, an independent Colombian musician, composer, producer and pianist. You will be taken to his home in the north of city. Born in Bogotá, he studied fine arts and music in Boston, at the Curry College of Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory of Music. Crump has created music for both film and television, and as an independent musician, he produces his own records under the Musica Oceanica label, and directs the El Circulo Dorado ensemble. This former surfer of the Colombian Caribbean experimented through this sport to flow in synchrony with nature and its rhythms. This passion is reflected in the inspiration behind the name of his label (MusicaOceanica) and the creation of his series, The Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, of which his first 3 CDs have been published under.

Thanks to his interest in nature and the environment, he participated for 6 years in the board of directors of the Fundación Natura Colombia. He has also ventured into photography and sculpture. Thanks to his wide experience and knowledge of the different aspects of Colombian music, his musical experience in the musical studio of Bogotá, which is at his home, is really interesting to get to know, and understand the richness and musical complexity of Colombia.

After this tour you will return to the hotel, where you will spend the night.

The following day, your adventure in Colombia continues with a walking tour.

Walking Tour Candelaria

This tour gives you an entire insight into Colombia’s capital. You will never get bored with you possibility to talk about different topics, interact with locals, visit the most important spots in the city and get the max of the artistic and historical value of all the streets and alleys you walk through.

The Candelaria district is the oldest and most important neighbourhood in Bogotá. You will have the possibility to talk about history, geography as well as the current social and political situation in Colombia. You will get involved with the culture by drinking chicha, a traditional fermented drink that is part of the indigenous heritage. Also, you will try some local snacks (arepas) made with corn, when finally ending up playing the gunpowder game, better known as Tejo, a funny drinking game played in the pre-hispanic times.

Colombia Regional Cuisine Tour

Colombia is the second most bio-diverse country in the world and this diversity is also expressed in our cuisine. Thousands of varieties of vegetables, fruits, tubers, meats, and flavors. In this tour, you will experience Colombia through your mouth by having 8 different foods from the 5 Colombian different regions: Amazon, Andes, Caribbean coast, Pacific coast, and Orinoquia.

Join us in this delicious and cultural experience learning about the gourmet background of each region by filling up your belly. All restaurants are located in Candelaria District (walking tour) one of the tour stations is a family house where you will learn how to cook tasty empanadas.

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